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Make A Run For It Idiom

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make a run for it
What does make a run for it mean?
dash for safety, make a quick escapeI made a run for it as soon as the class finished.
make a run for it
What does make a run for it mean?
to dash for safety, to make a quick escape I made a run for it when the class finished.

Some Random Idioms
What does "shrooms" mean?
clamp down on (someone or something)
What does "clamp down on (someone or something)" mean?
to become strict with someone or about something The police are going to clamp down on drivers who drive too fast.

crack a joke
What does "crack a joke" mean?
to tell a joke The man was much fun at the party because he was always cracking jokes.
crying need for (someone or something)
What does "crying need for (someone or something)" mean?
a desperate need for someone or somethingThere is a crying need for nurses in the local hospital.
smoke eater
What does "smoke eater" mean?
have a go (at)
What does "have a go (at)" mean?
idiom. attempt; give a try
first of all
What does "first of all" mean?
the very first thing First of all, we prepared the garden and then we planted the seeds.

by all appearances
What does "by all appearances" mean?
apparently, according to what one sees By all appearances, the small car was the cause of the accident.

in care of (someone)
What does "in care of (someone)" mean?
send something to one person at the address of another personMy income tax refund was sent to me in care of my company.
hassle (noun)
What does "hassle (noun)" mean?
(noun): a troublesome situation; something troublesome that interrupts one's normal routine."I know it's a hassle to complete this formnow, but Mr. Rogersneeds it in his office by the end of the day."
last will and testament
What does "last will and testament" mean?
one's will (especially its latest edition) - a will is the legal term to describe what a person wants to do with his or her property after they dieI went to a lawyer in order to write my last will and testament.


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