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Make A Point Of (doing/saying Something) Idiom

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make a point of (doing/saying something)
What does make a point of (doing/saying something) mean?
do or say something with a definite intentHe always makes a point of visiting his aunt when he is in town.

Some Random Idioms
by a long shot
What does "by a long shot" mean?
by a big differenceThe soap company beat out the bids of the other companies by a long shot.
to be/go out on a limb
What does "to be/go out on a limb" mean?
to be in a dangerous or risky positionThe man went out on a limb to offer his brother the job.
decked out
What does "decked out" mean?
to be dressed in fancy clothesMy sister was decked out in her best clothes for the party.
begin to see the light
What does "begin to see the light" mean?
to begin to understand (something)My sister began to see the light and decided to leave her boyfriend.
come up in the world
What does "come up in the world" mean?
to improve one's status or situation in lifeI knew that I had come up in the world when I was invited to dinner with the president of our company.
come back with an offer
What does "come back with an offer" mean?
to return to negotiations with a new offerWe came back with a new offer and the negotiations continued smoothly.
keep up
What does "keep up" mean?
do not stop, continueWe are working hard to keep up the same level of production as last year.
dead tired
What does "dead tired" mean?
to be very tired, to be exhaustedI was dead tired so I went to bed when I got home.
not see past/farther than the end of one's nose
What does "not see past/farther than the end of one's nose" mean?
to not care about the future or about what is happening elsewhere or to other peopleMy friend cannot see farther than the end of her nose and is not interested in the lives of other people.


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