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Make A Play For (someone) Idiom

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make a play for (someone)
What does make a play for (someone) mean?
try to make someone romantically interested in youI worked hard all term to make a play for a woman in my computer class.

Some Random Idioms
Jump down someone's throat
What does "Jump down someone's throat" mean?
If you jump down someone's throat, you criticise or chastise them severely.
fit to be tied
What does "fit to be tied" mean?
to be very angry or upset My boss was fit to be tied when he heard that I was going to take a month off from work this summer.

What does "go" mean?
an attempt; a try
pick up a radio wave etc.
What does "pick up a radio wave etc." mean?
to catch or receive the sound of a radio etc.We could not pick up any radio stations when we were travelling through the mountains.
nuts about (someone or something)
What does "nuts about (someone or something)" mean?
to be enthusiastic about somethingHe has been nuts about cars ever since he was a little boy.
make no bones about (something)
What does "make no bones about (something)" mean?
make no mistake about something, do not doubt something"Make no bones about it, I am not going to lend my friend any more money."
can't do anything about (someone or something)
What does "can't do anything about (someone or something)" mean?
to be unable to manage or control someone or something I cannot do anything about the noise in our office.

early bird
What does "early bird" mean?
someone who arrives someplace early or starts something earlyI am an early bird and I like to arrive early at work every morning.
prey on/upon (something)
What does "prey on/upon (something)" mean?
to catch something for food, to kill and eat somethingCats usually prey on mice and small birds for food.
Four corners of the earth
What does "Four corners of the earth" mean?
If something goes to, or comes from, the four corners of the earth, it goes or comes absolutely everywhere.
white elephant
What does "white elephant" mean?
a useless possession (that often costs money to maintain) The new airport is a white elephant and nobody wants to use it.

turn a blind eye to (someone or something)
What does "turn a blind eye to (someone or something)" mean?
to ignore someone or something troublesome and pretend not to see it Our teacher sometimes turns a blind eye to the bad behavior of the students in her class.

as pale as a ghost
What does "as pale as a ghost" mean?
extremely pale My grandfather was as pale as a ghost when he entered the hospital.


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