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Make A Meal Of (something) Idiom

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make a meal of (something)
What does make a meal of (something) mean?
eat one main dish/food as an entire mealWe were able to make a meal of the chicken that my mother gave us last night.
make a meal of (something)
What does make a meal of (something) mean?
to eat enough/much of one kind of food for one mealWe made a meal of the fish that we caught in the lake.

Some Random Idioms
cut the mustard
What does "cut the mustard" mean?
to succeed, to do adequately what needs to be doneThe young man was not able to cut the mustard and he had to leave the army after only one year.
funny bone
What does "funny bone" mean?
the place at the back of the elbow that tingles when hit I hit my funny bone today and it still hurts.

What does "zonked" mean?
drunk; intoxicatedHe was so zonked after the night of partying that we couldn't let him drive.
What does "goober" mean?
too bad
What does "too bad" mean?
worthy of sorrow or regretIt is too bad that the university decided to close the bookstore last year.
stink to high heaven
What does "stink to high heaven" mean?
to smell very badThe kitchen garbage was stinking to high heaven in the hot sun.
for the birds
What does "for the birds" mean?
something you do not like, something that is not to be taken seriouslyGetting up early every morning is for the birds.
go to the dogs
What does "go to the dogs" mean?
to deteriorate, to become bad Many things in our city have gone to the dogs during the last ten years.

laugh off (something)
What does "laugh off (something)" mean?
to not take something seriouslyThe man laughed off the attempt by his boss to make him come to work on time.
What does "TKO" mean?
Technical Knockout Technical KnockoutAlthough the boxer didn't appear to win the fight he was awarded a TKO and won the boxing match.


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