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Make A Great Show Of (something) Idiom

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make a great show of (something)
What does make a great show of (something) mean?
do something in a showy fashionThe woman made a great show of telling everybody about her new and rich boyfriend.

Some Random Idioms
break out of (something)
What does "break out of (something)" mean?
to escape from somethingSeveral prisoners tried to break out of prison last month.
turn up
What does "turn up" mean?
to be found, to be discoveredMy wallet turned up in my jacket exactly where I had left it.
bore the pants off (someone)
What does "bore the pants off (someone)" mean?
to frighten someone very badly The new teacher bored the pants off the students.

bring home the bacon
What does "bring home the bacon" mean?
to earn the family living, to earn a salaryI have been working hard all month bringing home the bacon for my family.
with every (other) breath
What does "with every (other) breath" mean?
saying something repeatedly or continuallyMy friend always tells me with every other breath that he does not like my girlfriend.
What does "stoked" mean?
excited; eager
Cloth ears
What does "Cloth ears" mean?
If you don't listen to people, they may suggest you have cloth ears.
cover for (someone)
What does "cover for (someone)" mean?
to make excuses for someone, to cover someone's errors I covered for my friend when she was late for work.

frighten (someone) to death
What does "frighten (someone) to death" mean?
to frighten someone severely I almost frightened the woman to death when I met her on the dark stairs.

Ride high
What does "Ride high" mean?
If someone is riding high, they are very successful at the moment.
Indian summer
What does "Indian summer" mean?
If there is a period of warmer weather in late autumn, it is an Indian summer.


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