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Make A Go Of (something) Idiom

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make a go of (something)
What does make a go of (something) mean?
succeed at something, produce good resultsAlthough he tried hard he was never able to make a go of his business.
make a go of (something)
What does make a go of (something) mean?
to produce good results, to succeed at somethingAlthough the man works very hard in his small business he cannot make a go of it and may soon go out of business.

Some Random Idioms
Take your eye off the ball
What does "Take your eye off the ball" mean?
If someone takes their eye off the ball, they don't concentrate on something important that they should be looking at.
taper off
What does "taper off" mean?
to come to an end little by little, to become smaller toward the endThe rain began to taper off early in the afternoon.
pay in advance
What does "pay in advance" mean?
to pay for something before you get/use itI must pay in advance for the bus company to deliver my boxes.
let alone (something)
What does "let alone (something)" mean?
not to mention something, to say nothing of somethingI don`t have enough money to go to a movie let alone go on a holiday.
on the tip of one`s tongue
What does "on the tip of one`s tongue" mean?
almost able to remember something that you have forgottenMy former teacher's name is on the tip of my tongue and I will soon remember it.
have one`s heart set on (something)
What does "have one`s heart set on (something)" mean?
to want something very muchThe little boy has his heart set on getting a dog for his birthday.
all eyes are on (someone or something)
What does "all eyes are on (someone or something)" mean?
waiting eagerly for someone to appear or something to happen All eyes were on the singer when he walked onto the stage.

gain ground
What does "gain ground" mean?
to go forward, to make progress Our company is gaining ground in its attempt to be the best in the industry.

Mark someone's card
What does "Mark someone's card" mean?
If you mark someone's card, you correct them in a forceful and prompt manner when they say something wrong.
all at once
What does "all at once" mean?
suddenly, without warning All at once, the fire alarm rang and we had to leave the building.

give free rein to (someone or something)
What does "give free rein to (someone or something)" mean?
to allow someone to be completely in charge of something, to give someone or something freedomThe man was given free rein to do what he wanted in his new job.


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