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Make A Fuss (over Someone Or Something) Idiom

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make a fuss (over someone or something)
What does make a fuss (over someone or something) mean?
worry about or make a bother about someone or somethingMy grandmother always makes a fuss over me when I go to visit her.

Some Random Idioms
run off with (someone)
What does "run off with (someone)" mean?
to go away with someone, to elope with someoneMy sister ran off with her boyfriend and got married when she was quite young.
The apple does not fall far from the tree
What does "The apple does not fall far from the tree" mean?
Offspring grow up to be like their parents.
call (someone or something) into question
What does "call (someone or something) into question" mean?
to dispute or cast doubt upon someone or somethingThe lawyer called the man's statement about his neighbor into question.
pork out
What does "pork out" mean?
eat greedily and quickly
stand in for (someone)
What does "stand in for (someone)" mean?
to be a substitute for someoneThe other actor stood in for the famous actor when he was sick.
What does "Hail-fellow-well-met" mean?
Someone whose behavior is hearty, friendly and congenial.
throw one's voice
What does "throw one's voice" mean?
to project one's voice so that it appears to be coming from some other placeThe performer likes to throw his voice when he entertains children.
break down (something) or break (something) down
What does "break down (something) or break (something) down " mean?
to divide into parts, to separate into simpler substances We tried to break down the sentence for further study.
The sugar began to break down soon after it was swallowed.

Close to your heart
What does "Close to your heart" mean?
If something is close to your heart, you care a lot about it. ('Dear to your heart' is an alternative.)
catch (someone) red-handed
What does "catch (someone) red-handed" mean?
to catch someone in the act of doing something wrong or bad The teacher caught the boys red-handed when they wrote on the school wall.


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