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Make A Dent In (something) Idiom

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make a dent in (something)
What does make a dent in (something) mean?
make progress doing somethingWe worked hard all day but we didn`t make a dent in the amount of work left to do.

Some Random Idioms
talk (someone) into (something)
What does "talk (someone) into (something)" mean?
to get someone to agree to something, to persuade someone to do somethingWe were unable to talk the other members of our team into delaying the meeting until next week.
to the naked eye
What does "to the naked eye" mean?
as something is seen exactly as you look at itTo the naked eye it looked like there was little damage to the car but actually there was much damage.
wild goose chase
What does "wild goose chase" mean?
a chase that is futile or worthless The motorcycle riders led the police on a wild goose chase.

eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
What does "eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" mean?
a crime or injury should be paid back equallyThe athlete believed in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and he attacked the player who had hurt him during the previous game.
A still tongue keeps a wise head
What does "A still tongue keeps a wise head" mean?
Wise people don't talk much.
flea in (someone`s) ear
What does "flea in (someone`s) ear" mean?
a severe scolding, an idea or answer that is not welcome We put a flea in the supervisor's ear with our criticism of the new schedule.

fall in with (a group of people)
What does "fall in with (a group of people)" mean?
to become associated with a bad group of people The boy fell in with a bad group of friends and began to have problems at school.
feed the kitty
What does "feed the kitty" mean?
to contribute money to a special collectionEveryone had to feed the kitty to collect money for the coffee fund.
carry on
What does " carry on" mean?
to continue, to keep doing something as before We were permitted to carry on with the party after we talked to our apartment manager.

one's number is up
What does "one's number is up" mean?
something bad will happen to someoneI think that the manager's number is up and he will soon be fired from his job.


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