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Make A Check Out (to Someone) Idiom

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make a check out (to someone)
What does make a check out (to someone) mean?
write a check to give to someone with their name on itI made a check out to the animal hospital after they cared for our dog.

Some Random Idioms
Let the genie out of the bottle
What does "Let the genie out of the bottle" mean?
If people let the genie out of the bottle, they let something bad happen that cannot be put right or controlled.
have in mind
What does "have in mind" mean?
intend, plan"What do you have in mind for your wife`s birthday?"
too big for one`s britches/boots
What does "too big for one`s britches/boots" mean?
to feel more important than one really isOur new boss is too big for his britches and needs to change his behavior.
ride on (someone's) coattails
What does "ride on (someone's) coattails" mean?
to have one's fortune or success depend on another person The sales manager was riding on the coattails of his boss and hoped to achieve success in the company.

keep one`s word
What does "keep one`s word" mean?
fulfill/keep one`s promiseShe never keeps her word, so I don`t believe that she will come to the party as she said.
keep the ball rolling
What does "keep the ball rolling" mean?
keep up an activity or action, not allow something that is happening to slow or stopWe should try to keep the ball rolling and get most of our work done now.
come to a standstill
What does "come to a standstill" mean?
to stop The circus came to a standstill when the elephant escaped from his cage.

moral turpitude
What does "moral turpitude" mean?
behavior that is contrary to accepted rules of behaviorThe judge accused the lawyer of moral turpitude after his questionable tactics to defend his client.


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