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Make A Break For (something/somewhere) Idiom

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make a break for (something/somewhere)
What does make a break for (something/somewhere) mean?
move or run quickly to something or somewhereThe audience made a break for the doors as soon as the concert was over.

Some Random Idioms
What does "SNAG" mean?
sensitive New Age guy
fall through
What does "fall through" mean?
to fail, to not happenMy plan to go abroad fell through when my father refused to lend me some money.
What does "half-baked" mean?
foolishI don't really like his half-baked idea about the new delivery system.
occur to (someone)
What does "occur to (someone)" mean?
to come into someone's mind (an idea or thought)It occurred to me that I will not be able to meet my friend on Saturday because I have to go to the airport to meet someone else.
stone broke
What does "stone broke" mean?
to have no money, to be pennilessMy friend is stone broke and will not be able to come to the movie with us.
(one's) goose is cooked
What does "(one's) goose is cooked" mean?
one has been discovered to have done something wrong and is now in trouble, one is finished, one's chances are ruined I told a lie to my company. Now my goose is cooked and I am in much trouble.

a dumb bunny
What does "a dumb bunny" mean?
a stupid or gullible person "He really is a dumb bunny. He does such stupid things."

sell like hotcakes
What does "sell like hotcakes" mean?
to sell quickly, to sell rapidlyThe tickets for the concert were selling like hotcakes when I called this morning.
in awe of (someone or something)
What does "in awe of (someone or something)" mean?
fearful and respectful of someone or somethingAll of the children were in awe of the firemen who came to visit the school.


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