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Make A Big Deal About (something) Idiom

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make a big deal about (something)
What does make a big deal about (something) mean?
exaggerate the seriousness of somethingI wish that my friend would not make a big deal about every small problem.

Some Random Idioms
just what the doctor ordered
What does "just what the doctor ordered" mean?
something that is good for someone to have or to doThe holiday was just what the doctor ordered and the employee returned to work energetic and refreshed.
Man of letters
What does "Man of letters" mean?
A man of letters is someone who is an expert in the arts and literature, and often a writer too.
armpit of (somewhere)
What does "armpit of (somewhere)" mean?
a place that is the ugliest or worst place in a particular areaThe small city is the armpit of the country and nobody wants to go there to work.
not worth a hill of beans
What does "not worth a hill of beans" mean?
worthlessThe man is a liar and what he says is not worth a hill of beans.
fish in troubled waters
What does "fish in troubled waters" mean?
to involve oneself in a difficult or dangerous situation in order to gain an advantageThe politician was fishing in troubled waters in order to gather information related to the scandal.
fork over (something)
What does "fork over (something)" mean?
to hand over something, to give somethingThe robber told me to fork over my money or he was going to shoot me.
twenty-four/seven (24/7)
What does "twenty-four/seven (24/7)" mean?
all the time; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
burn (someone) in effigy
What does "burn (someone) in effigy" mean?
to burn a dummy that represents a hated personThe crowd of people burned the Prime Minister in effigy.
break a leg
What does "break a leg" mean?
good luck; hope all goes well (from theatrical slang, where "good luck" is a jinx)
cunt cap
What does "cunt cap" mean?
narrow green Army cap (so called because of its shape)Jonny, put your cunt cap on!
read through something
What does "read through something" mean?
read all of somethingI read through the test briefly before I started to answer any questions.


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