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Make (someone) Sick Idiom

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make (someone) sick
What does make (someone) sick mean?
disgust someoneThe attitude of the woman next door makes me sick.

Some Random Idioms
say (something) to (someone's) face
What does "say (something) to (someone's) face" mean?
to say something (often unpleasant) directly to someoneMy supervisor always complains about me but she is afraid to say anything to my face.
break down
What does "break down" mean?
to lose control of one's emotions, to have a nervous collapse The woman broke down while the lawyer questioned her at the trial.

like/love to hear oneself talk
What does "like/love to hear oneself talk" mean?
enjoy talking rather than listening to other peopleMy friend likes to hear herself talk and it is very tiring to be around her.
take a pay cut
What does "take a pay cut" mean?
to accept a decrease in one's salaryThe telephone workers were forced to take a pay cut after the strike.
What does "junk" mean?
drugs (heroin in particular)
six of one or half-a-dozen of the other
What does "six of one or half-a-dozen of the other" mean?
to be the same, to have no difference between two thingsIt was six of one or half-a-dozen of the other as to whether we should take the train or the airplane. They both arrived at the same time and cost the same.
give one`s right arm for (something)
What does "give one`s right arm for (something)" mean?
to give something of great value for something I would give my right arm for a chance to go to Florida with my friend next month.

Five o'clock shadow
What does "Five o'clock shadow" mean?
A five o'clock shadow is the facial hair that a man gets if he doesn't shave for a day or two.
keep one's head above water
What does "keep one's head above water" mean?
to keep out of difficult financial problems, to stay out of troubleMy brother has been having a hard time keeping his head above water since he lost his job.
wild goose chase
What does "wild goose chase" mean?
a chase that is futile or worthless The motorcycle riders led the police on a wild goose chase.

Owl Idioms

home run
What does "home run" mean?
act of sexual intercourse (used as a way to mark "progress in sex, especially among youth)


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