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Make (something) Worth (someone's) While Idiom

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make (something) worth (someone's) while
What does make (something) worth (someone's) while mean?
make something profitable enough for someone to doI made it worth my friend's while to help me move by buying him dinner.

Some Random Idioms
come from (somewhere)
What does "come from (somewhere)" mean?
to be a native of a placeSeveral of the new students come from Mexico.
at face value
What does "at face value" mean?
the apparent value of something, the value that is printed on a stamp or a bond At face value the old stamp was worth almost nothing.

What does "solid" mean?
great; excellent; cool
play hooky
What does "play hooky" mean?
to not go to school when you should The boys played hooky and went to the video game center for the afternoon.

dead center
What does "dead center" mean?
the exact middle I easily hit the target dead center.

fly the coop
What does "fly the coop" mean?
to escape, to leave (like a chicken escaping from a chicken coop) The two boys wanted to fly the coop when the school bell rang.

Cut to the chase
What does "Cut to the chase" mean?
If you cut to the chase, you get to the point, or the most interesting or important part of something without delay.
Three sheets in the wind
What does "Three sheets in the wind" mean?
(UK) Someone who is three sheets in the wind is very drunk. ('Three sheets to the wind' is also used. 'Seven sheets' is an alternative number used.)
on the level
What does "on the level" mean?
to be honestThe man was on the level with me when he told me about my job possibilities.
Dot all the i's and cross all the t's
What does "Dot all the i's and cross all the t's" mean?
If you dot all the i's and cross all the t's, you do something very carefully and thoroughly.


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