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Make (something) Up To (someone) Idiom

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make (something) up to (someone)
What does make (something) up to (someone) mean?
repay someone, make amends to someoneI was late for work so I had to make it up to my boss by working late.

Some Random Idioms
silence is golden
What does "silence is golden" mean?
sometimes it is better to say nothingThe man believes that silence is golden and he is very careful what he says.
Beats me
What does "Beats me" mean?
: I have no idea.A: "What time's the party?"B: "Beats me!"
curl (someone`s) hair
What does "curl (someone`s) hair" mean?
to shock/frighten/horrify someoneThe movie is very realistic and many of the scenes will curl your hair.
What does "UV" mean?
Ultraviolet - a type of light ray Ultraviolet - a type of light rayWe used lots of sunscreen in order to protect ourselves from UV rays.
run a fever/temperature
What does "run a fever/temperature" mean?
to have a higher than normal body temperatureThe little boy is running a temperature and should stay in bed all day.
as fat as a pig
What does "as fat as a pig" mean?
very fatThe woman in the supermarket was as fat as a pig.
No skin off my nose
What does "No skin off my nose" mean?
If something's no skin off your nose, it doesn't affect or bother you at all.
World is your oyster
What does "World is your oyster" mean?
When the world is your oyster, you are getting everything you want from life.
putty in (someone's) hands
What does "putty in (someone's) hands" mean?
very willing to do what someone else thinks or wantsThe woman was putty in our hands and we were able to get everything that we wanted from her.
feed one's face
What does "feed one's face" mean?
to eatI stopped at a small restaurant to feed my face.
poised for (something)
What does "poised for (something)" mean?
to be ready and waiting for somethingThe army was poised for an attack early in the morning.


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