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Make (something) From Scratch Idiom

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make (something) from scratch
What does make (something) from scratch mean?
make something by starting with the basic ingredientsWe made the soup from scratch.

Some Random Idioms
run around with (someone)
What does "run around with (someone)" mean?
to be friends and do things with someone or with a groupMy cousin's son is running around with a bad group of people.
What does "wing" mean?
travel by airplane
What does "cristal" mean?
methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) (from Spanish)
end up (doing something)
What does "end up (doing something)" mean?
to do something that one had not planned to do, to finally be or do something I ended up studying rather than going to a movie last night.
The man ended up getting married to his neighbor.

at fault
What does "at fault" mean?
to be responsible or to be to blame for somethingThe truck driver was at fault for the terrible accident.
fall off the wagon
What does "fall off the wagon" mean?
to return to use alcohol or drugs after stopping for awhileThe man fell off the wagon after he had stopped drinking for three years.
get a run for one's money
What does "get a run for one's money" mean?
to receive a challenge, to receive what one deservesThe man got a run for his money when he decided to volunteer for the cleaning project.
get (someone's) back up
What does "get (someone's) back up" mean?
to make someone become angry I got my friend's back up when I asked to borrow her notes from school.

In perfect form
What does "In perfect form" mean?
When something is as it ought to be. Or, when used cynically, it may refer to someone whose excesses are on display; a caricature.


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