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Make (someone Or Something) Available To (someone) Idiom

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make (someone or something) available to (someone)
What does make (someone or something) available to (someone) mean?
supply someone with someone or somethingThe company made a car available to the sales staff.

Some Random Idioms
dead end
What does "dead end" mean?
the end of a road, an impasseThe negotiations between the players and the owners have come to a dead end.
What does "pissed" mean?
upset; angry
(one's) hands are tied
What does "(one's) hands are tied" mean?
one is unable to helpI am sorry that I can`t help you but my hands are tied at the moment.
got/have a thing going (with someone)
What does "got/have a thing going (with someone)" mean?
engaged in an activity with someone (in romance or business)The man has got a thing going with his neighbor.
What does "barista" mean?
espresso bartender
chilled to the bone
What does "chilled to the bone" mean?
very cold I was chilled to the bone after swimming in the cold lake.

ask for trouble
What does "ask for trouble" mean?
to behave in a way that will likely cause trouble The boy is asking for trouble if he misses another class.

atomic wedgie
What does "atomic wedgie" mean?
the act of pulling the underwear of a boy up from behind so that it creates discomfort around the genitals in a particularly harsh manner
change of scenery
What does "change of scenery" mean?
a move to a different place where things are different My sister and her husband have decided to move because they want a change of scenery.

Look what the cat dragged in
What does "Look what the cat dragged in" mean?
This idiom is used when someone arrives somewhere looking a mess or flustered and bothered.
salt of the earth
What does "salt of the earth" mean?
good/basic/honest/ordinary people Our new neighbors are the salt of the earth. They are good, basic, honest people.


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