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Make (someone) Look Ridiculous Idiom

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make (someone) look ridiculous
What does make (someone) look ridiculous mean?
make someone look foolishThe complaint from my coworker made me look ridiculous.

Some Random Idioms
should have one's head examined
What does "should have one's head examined" mean?
to behave as if you are mentally ill or crazyMy sister is crazy to buy that car. She should have her head examined.
Bur under my saddle
What does "Bur under my saddle" mean?
A bur under your saddle is something that annoys you or spurs you into action.('Burr' is an alternative spelling.)
Nickel tour
What does "Nickel tour" mean?
If someone gives you a nickel tour, they show you around a place. ('Fifty-cent tour' is also used.)
What does "chuck" mean?
dump; reject; break up with somebody
elbow room
What does "elbow room" mean?
enough space to be comfortable The couple moved to the country in order to have more elbow room.

fair and impartial
What does "fair and impartial" mean?
a fair and unbiased look at something The judge made a fair and impartial decision in the case against the small store.

call in (something) or call (something) in
What does "call in (something) or call (something) in" mean?
to collect something for payment, to withdraw something from circulation The bank decided to call in the business loan.

roll in
What does "roll in" mean?
to arrive in great numbers or quantityThe money has been rolling in since we started the new franchise.
If at first you don't succeed try try again
What does "If at first you don't succeed try try again" mean?
When you fail, try until you get it right!
Like a duck to water
What does "Like a duck to water" mean?
If someone has a natural talent for something and enjoys it, they take to it like a duck to water.
wet behind the ears
What does "wet behind the ears" mean?
inexperienced, immatureHe is a little wet behind the ears and doesn`t know much about his job yet.
a one-armed bandit
What does "a one-armed bandit" mean?
a slot machine for gamblingHe spent the weekend with a one-armed bandit and now has no money.


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