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Make (someone) Look Good Idiom

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make (someone) look good
What does make (someone) look good mean?
cause someone to appear successful or competentThe new sales contract that I had won made me look good.

Some Random Idioms
have (someone or something) on one's mind
What does "have (someone or something) on one's mind" mean?
to be thinking a lot about someone or somethingMy friend has many school problems on his mind.
eyes pop out (of one's head)
What does "eyes pop out (of one's head)" mean?
one is very surprisedMy eyes popped out of my head when I saw the new computer that I got for my birthday.
not give (someone) the time of day
What does "not give (someone) the time of day" mean?
to dislike someone so strongly that you totally ignore him or herI dislike her and would not give her the time of day.
have a go at (something)
What does "have a go at (something)" mean?
try to do somethingI decided to have a go at applying for the job after my boss told me about it.
cast the first stone
What does " cast the first stone" mean?
to be the first to blame someoneThe man was the one to cast the first stone and now he is fighting with his neighbor.
read the handwriting on the wall
What does "read the handwriting on the wall" mean?
to guess or anticipate what will happen by observing small hints and clues I read the handwriting on the wall and believe that soon I will have no job.

What does "whacked" mean?
drunk; intoxicated
What does "smoothie" mean?
blended drink, usually including fruit
fade away
What does "fade away" mean?
to gradually diminish in time or distance or color The words on the book have begun to fade away.


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