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Make (someone's) Position Clear Idiom

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make (someone's) position clear
What does make (someone's) position clear mean?
clarify where someone stands on an issueThe politician made his position clear on the issue of taxes.

Some Random Idioms
stop, look, and listen
What does "stop, look, and listen" mean?
to be careful at street corners to stop and then look and listen for other cars etc.We teach the young children to stop, look, and listen when they cross the street.
What does "skin-deep" mean?
to be only on the surface, to not have any deep or honest meaningAlthough beauty is said to be only skin-deep many people care about it very much.
at one's fingertips
What does "at one's fingertips" mean?
within one's reach I usually have my address book at my fingertips.

white elephant
What does "white elephant" mean?
a waste of moneyThe new airport was a white elephant which nobody liked to use.
dump (something) on (someone)
What does "dump (something) on (someone)" mean?
to give a large or excessive amount of something to someone Our teacher dumped much homework on us yesterday.

In your sights
What does "In your sights" mean?
If you have someone or something in your sights, they are your target to beat.
What does "rubbish" mean?
nonsense; foolish talk or ideas
have bearing on (something)
What does "have bearing on (something)" mean?
affect or influence somethingThe company decision had much bearing on the way that the company was managed.
fight a rearguard action
What does "fight a rearguard action" mean?
to try very hard to prevent something from happening when it is probably too late to prevent it The government is fighting a rearguard action to try and win the election.

bone up (on something)
What does "bone up (on something)" mean?
to study or review (something)I decided to take a course at night to bone up on my Spanish.


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