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Make (someone's) Head Spin Idiom

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make (someone's) head spin
What does make (someone's) head spin mean?
make someone confused or overwhelmed, make someone dizzyThe numbers and information that I had to learn in the accounting course made my head spin.

Some Random Idioms
out of bounds
What does "out of bounds" mean?
to be outside the boundaries of a playing areaThe ball went out of bounds and the boys had to go over the fence to get it.
rat race
What does "rat race" mean?
a rushed and confusing way of living that does not seem to have a purpose My uncle is tired of being in the rat race every day. He plans to quit his job soon and do something else.

Fall on your sword
What does "Fall on your sword" mean?
If someone falls on their sword, they resign or accept the consequences of some wrongdoing.
get (someone's) number
What does "get (someone's) number" mean?
to find out someone's telephone numberI plan to get the man's number from one of his friends.
make oneself heard
What does "make oneself heard" mean?
to speak loudly so that you can be heardThe speaker tried very hard in order to make himself heard.
trip up (someone)
What does "trip up (someone)" mean?
to cause someone to fail, to cause someone to make a mistakeThe news reporter tripped up the politician with his difficult question.
hurl an insult (at someone)
What does "hurl an insult (at someone)" mean?
direct/make an insult to someoneThe young boys stopped to hurl an insult at the older boy.


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