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Make (it/an Event) Idiom

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make (it/an event)
What does make (it/an event) mean?
attend an eventI was feeling sick so I was not able to make the monthly meeting of our club.

Some Random Idioms
count noses
What does "count noses" mean?
to count peopleThe teacher stopped to count noses before the students got on the bus.
on (someone's) shoulders
What does "on (someone's) shoulders" mean?
on someone's own self (used often with responsibility)The responsibility for organizing the office is always on my shoulders.
What will be will be
What does "What will be will be" mean?
The expression what will be will be is used to describe the notion that fate will decide the outcome of a course of events, even if action is taken to try to alter it.
as easy as apple pie
What does "as easy as apple pie" mean?
very easy The test that I wrote yesterday was as easy as apple pie.

Zigged before you zagged
What does "Zigged before you zagged" mean?
If you did things in the wrong order, you zigged before you zagged.
Tar baby
What does "Tar baby" mean?
A tar baby is a problem that gets worse when people try to sort it out.
avail oneself of (something)
What does "avail oneself of (something)" mean?
to use something that is available We availed ourselves of the office space to prepare for the school festival.

to some extent
What does "to some extent" mean?
to some degree, partlyMy answer to the professor's question was correct to some extent but in general it was not what the professor wanted.
dish out (food)
What does "dish out (food)" mean?
to serve food from a large bowl or plate I began to dish out the food when the guests arrived.

have a brush with (the law or something)
What does "have a brush with (the law or something)" mean?
have a brief experience with the law or somethingI had a brush with the law when my car was stopped for speeding.
Penny wise, pound foolish
What does "Penny wise, pound foolish" mean?
Someone who is penny wise, pound foolish can be very careful or mean with small amounts of money, yet wasteful and extravagant with large sums.


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