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Macho Idiom

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What does macho mean?
super masculine / masculine to an extreme (in appearance and behavior)."Her husband would never agree to help with thehousework;he's too macho to do that."

Some Random Idioms
days running
What does "days running" mean?
several days in a rowThere were concerts at the auditorium for six days running.
Push the envelope
What does "Push the envelope" mean?
This means to go to the limits, to do something to the maximum possible.
What does "pinch" mean?
small quantity of powdered substance (e.g.: salt, spices)
nobody's home
What does "nobody's home" mean?
one`s attention is somewhere else, one has a simple mindIt seems like nobody`s home I thought, as I tried to have a conversation with the strange man.
settle (someone's) affairs
What does "settle (someone's) affairs" mean?
to deal with one's business matters, to manage the affairs of someone who cannot manage themIt was very difficult for my friend to settle his father's affairs after he passed away.
wear down
What does "wear down" mean?
exhaust or tire someone outHe was worn down from the many questions in the meeting.
have a hold on (someone)
What does "have a hold on (someone)" mean?
have a strong and secure influence on someoneThe coach has a very strong hold on the members of the team.
once in a while
What does "once in a while" mean?
occasionally; from time to time.A: "Would you like coffee or tea?"B: "Coffee, please. I drink tea once in a while, but Igenerally drink coffee."
hang in (there)
What does "hang in (there)" mean?
persevere, don`t give up"You should hang in there and not quit your job even if you hate the supervisor."
on the horizon
What does "on the horizon" mean?
soon to happenThe government promised the citizens that there was going to be a tax decrease on the horizon.


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