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Have A Bee In One's Bonnet Idiom

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have a bee in one's bonnet
What does have a bee in one's bonnet mean?
have an idea or thought that stays in one's mindMy sister has a bee in her bonnet about going to Mexico to teach.

Some Random Idioms
yellow streak
What does "yellow streak" mean?
cowardice in a person`s characterHe has a yellow streak and will not help defend his friends.
rest on one's oars
What does "rest on one's oars" mean?
relax one's efforts relax one's effortsThe negotiating team decided to rest on their oars and wait until their partners had a chance to consider the offer.
by the sweat of one's brow
What does "by the sweat of one's brow" mean?
by one's hard work or effortThe restaurant owner built his business by the sweat of his brow.
carry the day
What does "carry the day" mean?
to win complete supportThe manager's new idea carried the day and everyone supported him with enthusiasm.
at the mercy of (the court/someone)
What does "at the mercy of (the court/someone)" mean?
having no defense against the court or someone My friend was at the mercy of the court when he went before the judge.

cut up
What does "cut up" mean?
upset; distressed
What does "gang-bang" mean?
many men having sex with one woman one after another
run low on (something)
What does "run low on (something)" mean?
to near the end of a supply of somethingWe are running low on rice so I must buy some soon.
kick in the butt
What does "kick in the butt" mean?
something that motivates or gets somebody to do something


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