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Creep Up On (someone Or Something) Idiom

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creep up on (someone or something)
What does creep up on (someone or something) mean?
to crawl quietly toward someone or somethingThe thief crept up on the elderly woman in the supermarket.

Some Random Idioms
get fucked
What does "get fucked" mean?
have sexual intersource with someone. I got fucked last night
know (something) in one's bones
What does "know (something) in one's bones" mean?
to know and sense something, to have an intuition about something I know it in my bones that I am not going to pass my English exam.

do in (something) or do (something) in
What does "do in (something) or do (something) in" mean?
to ruin or destroy something The boy quickly did in the new shoes that he had received for his birthday.

stars in one`s eyes
What does "stars in one`s eyes" mean?
to have an appearance or feeling of very great happinessShe had stars in her eyes when she saw the beautiful ring that her boyfriend had bought for her.
What does "score" mean?
have sexual relations with (said by men regarding women)
get the sack
What does "get the sack" mean?
to be fired from a jobI told the employee that if he does not change his work habits he will get the sack.
serve as a guinea pig
What does "serve as a guinea pig" mean?
to allow some kind of test to be performed on someone I was not happy that I had to serve as a guinea pig for the new training material.


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