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This database is a comprehensive collection of all the American idioms and slang available. American Idioms are many and varied. We hope you enjoy our collection. We are adding more all the time. .

What does cram mean?
try to learn as much as possible in a very short time."Sidney did well on the test because he crammed forit. However, he probablywon't remember any of the information a couple of days from now."
What does cram mean?
study at the last minute for a test

Some Random Idioms
beside the point
What does "beside the point" mean?
to be not relevant to the subject that you are considering or discussing"What you are saying is beside the point. We are not talking about salary now."
hand over fist
What does "hand over fist" mean?
fast and in large amounts We have been making money hand over fist in our new store.

What does "hot" mean?
regularly winning at gambling
lead time
What does "lead time" mean?
the time available to prepare for an event or put a product on the market to sellThe lead time to get a book published is very long.
across the board
What does "across the board" mean?
including everyone or everything The computer company decided to give the workers an across-the-board increase in their salary.

What does "A1" mean?
If something is A1, it is the very best or finest.
word up
What does "word up" mean?
right; true; right on
cast around/about for (someone or something)
What does "cast around/about for (someone or something)" mean?
to look for someone or somethingWe have been casting around for a new file clerk in our company.
business as usual
What does "business as usual" mean?
to continue as usualIt was business as usual for the small stores soon after the fire destroyed the shopping area.
not for all the tea in China
What does "not for all the tea in China" mean?
not for anything I will not for all the tea in China lend my friend more money.

not know the first thing about something
What does "not know the first thing about something" mean?
lack basic knowledge about somethingHe does not know the first thing about computers.
quick on the trigger
What does "quick on the trigger" mean?
to be quick to respond to something, to be quick to draw a gun and shootThe man was too quick on the trigger and should have thought more carefully about what he was going to say.


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