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Cost (someone) An Arm And A Leg Idiom

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cost (someone) an arm and a leg
What does cost (someone) an arm and a leg mean?
cost a lot; be very expensive.A: "Your new car is really nice."B: "It should be. It cost (me) an arm and a leg!"

Some Random Idioms
nothing to choose from
What does "nothing to choose from" mean?
no choiceThere was nothing to choose from when we went to the shoe sale in the late afternoon.
What does "copper" mean?
police officer
hedge one's bets
What does "hedge one's bets" mean?
reduce one's loss on something by counterbalancing the loss in some wayWe will hedge our bets and go to a movie if the weather isn't good enough for camping.
come down in price
What does "come down in price" mean?
to lower the price of one's productWe decided to come down in price and try and sell our products quickly.
subscribe to (something)
What does "subscribe to (something)" mean?
to have a standing order for a magazine or something similar, to give support or consent to somethingI subscribe to several magazines but I do not have time to read them.
hands down
What does "hands down" mean?
easy, unopposedThey won the game hands down over the other team.
poetic justice
What does "poetic justice" mean?
the appropriate but chance reward or punishment by someone who deserves it It was poetic justice when the supervisor who was harassing the workers lost his job because the president did not want him to work for the company anymore.

ring down the curtain on (something)
What does "ring down the curtain on (something)" mean?
to bring something to an endThe famous singer rang down the curtain on an evening of wonderful music.
at this stage of the game
What does "at this stage of the game" mean?
currently, at the current point in some event At this stage of the game we cannot change the plans for the class trip.


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