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Close In On (someone Or Something) Idiom

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close in on (someone or something)
What does close in on (someone or something) mean?
to overwhelm or surround someone or somethingThe soldiers quickly closed in on the enemy position.

Some Random Idioms
false move
What does "false move" mean?
a movement that someone may see as threatening, a move that can cause trouble or damage If the driver had made one false move there would have been an accident.

drop (someone/something) like a hot potato
What does "drop (someone/something) like a hot potato" mean?
to suddenly stop being involved with someone or with some kind of a problemThe advertisers dropped the basketball star like a hot potato when he became involved in a scandal.
from head to toe
What does "from head to toe" mean?
from the top of one's head to one's feetThe woman was dressed in her best clothes from head to toe.
take a turn for the worse
What does "take a turn for the worse" mean?
to become sickerMy aunt took a turn for the worse last week and she is still in the hospital.
play by the rules
What does "play by the rules" mean?
follow the generally accepted rules of something follow the generally accepted rules of somethingThe team members refused to play by the rules so they were asked to leave the tournament.
What does "crater" mean?
scar from acne
take names
What does "take names" mean?
create a list of people who have behaved badly or illegally
put (someone's) eye out
What does "put (someone's) eye out" mean?
to puncture or harm someone's eye causing blindness The man put his eye out when he had the accident with the metal rod.
dead wrong
What does "dead wrong" mean?
to be totally wrong I was dead wrong in my calculations to build the table.

hammer away at (someone or something)
What does "hammer away at (someone or something)" mean?
be persistent in trying to do somethingI worked all weekend to hammer away at my final essay for university.


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