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Close Call/shave Idiom

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close call/shave
What does close call/shave mean?
an accident that almost happens but does not happenI had a close call this morning when the truck almost hit me.

Some Random Idioms
As much use as a handbrake on a canoe
What does "As much use as a handbrake on a canoe" mean?
This idiom is used to describe someone or something as worthless or pointless.
Hit and miss
What does "Hit and miss" mean?
Something that is hit and miss is unpredictable and may produce results or may fail.
make the scene
What does "make the scene" mean?
be present, go to a certain place or eventHe decided to make the scene and go to the disco for the evening.
tie up (traffic)
What does "tie up (traffic)" mean?
to slow down traffic, to cause road traffic to stopThe accident tied up the highway traffic for two hours last night.
give (someone) the cold shoulder
What does "give (someone) the cold shoulder" mean?
ignore someone, reject someoneThe office staff gave me the cold shoulder when I did not go to the farewell party.
take note of (something)
What does "take note of (something)" mean?
to observe and remember somethingThe police are taking note of the people who go into the illegal business.
on the tip of one`s tongue
What does "on the tip of one`s tongue" mean?
to be not quite able to remember somethingThe name of his latest movie is on the tip of my tongue.
in a stew (about someone or something)
What does "in a stew (about someone or something)" mean?
upset or bothered about someone or somethingThe woman's husband is in a stew because he lost his car keys.
Get a leg up
What does "Get a leg up" mean?
To get a boost or advantage.I could get up a 5:00 am to get a leg up on my competition, but I don't think so.
This phrase may incorrectly invoke images of a dog raising its leg.
In fact "Getting a leg up" is from the act of an equestrian receiving help in mounting a horse. The helper would create a foothold by cupping the hands to heft the rider upward, throwing a leg up and over the steed.
What does "blitz" mean?
attack someone or something successfully
in return for (someone or something)
What does "in return for (someone or something)" mean?
as part of an exchange, as a way of paying someone backIn return for cleaning his carpets my friend helped me clean up our basement.
play dumb/ignorant
What does "play dumb/ignorant" mean?
to pretend to be ignorantI played dumb when my boss asked me if I knew about the problems with the telephone.
all talk (and no action)
What does "all talk (and no action)" mean?
to talk about doing something but never really doing it Our boss is all talk and no action and nothing new is ever done in our department.


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