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Clear Up (something) Idiom

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clear up (something)
What does clear up (something) mean?
to solve or explain (a problem etc.)We finally cleared up the problem that we were having with our computers.

Some Random Idioms
Horses for courses
What does "Horses for courses" mean?
Horses for courses means that what is suitable for one person or situation might be unsuitable for another.
step on it
What does "step on it" mean?
to go faster, to hurry"Please step on it," he yelled as the taxi took him to the airport.
What does "diddly-shit" mean?
nothing at all; worthless; useless
quick buck
What does "quick buck" mean?
profit rapidly and readily earned
have a taste for (something)
What does "have a taste for (something)" mean?
have a desire for a particular food/drink/experienceRecently my friend has a taste for very loud and fast music.
What does "klutz" mean?
clumsy, often dumb, person. He's a total klutz. Don't ask him to try to fix your car.
Ride high
What does "Ride high" mean?
If someone is riding high, they are very successful at the moment.
fall head over heels
What does "fall head over heels" mean?
to fall down The little boy fell head over heels down the hillside.

What does "scum" mean?
out of order
What does "out of order" mean?
to be against the rules, to be not suitableHis question was ruled out of order by the judge and he was not able to ask it.
work one's butt off
What does "work one's butt off" mean?
work very diligently. I worked my butt off on that paper and all I got was a C+.
pop up
What does "pop up" mean?
to appear suddenly or unexpectedlyI had not seen my friend for a year but suddenly he popped up for a visit last week.


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