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Clear Of (something) Idiom

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clear of (something)
What does clear of (something) mean?
to be not touching somethingWe checked that the ladder was clear of the electrical wires before we painted the house.

Some Random Idioms
bitch session
What does "bitch session" mean?
casual meeting during which people complain, gripe, or air grievances. Today's meeting was really just a bitch session.
eager beaver
What does "eager beaver" mean?
a person who is always eager to work hard or do extra work My colleague is an eager beaver and is always ready to work hard when we need him.

give (someone) a free hand
What does "give (someone) a free hand" mean?
to allow someone to do something in the way that they choose The senior managers give their employees a free hand to make their work schedule.

do a snow job on (someone)
What does "do a snow job on (someone)" mean?
to deceive or confuse someone The salesman tried to do a snow job on me but I did not believe him.

never mind
What does "never mind" mean?
don`t worry, don`t bother"If you don`t have time to pick up my laundry today, never mind, I will get it tomorrow."
bound to (do something)
What does "bound to (do something)" mean?
to be certain to do something "If you ask your father, he is bound to help you with your problem."

What does "TGIF" mean?
Thank Goodness (God) It's Friday Thank Goodness (God) It's FridayThe restaurant had a large TGIF sign on the door and all drinks were half price.
Good as gold
What does "Good as gold" mean?
If children are as good as gold, they behave very well.
in the interim
What does "in the interim" mean?
in the time between the ending and beginning of somethingThe school is not yet built so in the interim we have our classes in an office building.


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