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Clear (someone's) Name Idiom

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clear (someone's) name
What does clear (someone's) name mean?
to prove that someone is not guilty of somethingThe man tried very hard to clear his name regarding his past criminal activity.
clear (someone's) name
What does clear (someone's) name mean?
prove that someone is not guilty of a crimeThe woman went to court to clear her name of the false charges.

Some Random Idioms
set one's heart on (something)
What does "set one's heart on (something)" mean?
to select something as one's goalThe young runner set his heart on winning the marathon.
in defiance of (someone or something)
What does "in defiance of (someone or something)" mean?
in resistence to someone or someone's orders The union was in defiance of the court order and was given a large fine.

give (someone) the third degree
What does "give (someone) the third degree" mean?
to question someone in great detail about somethingThe policeman gave the young man the third degree when they saw him on the street.
sweat bullets/blood
What does "sweat bullets/blood" mean?
to be nervous, to be very worriedI was sweating bullets during the job interview.
curiosity killed the cat
What does "curiosity killed the cat" mean?
being too nosy may lead a person into trouble"You should not worry about what your friend is doing. Remember, curiosity killed the cat."
make one`s feelings known
What does "make one`s feelings known" mean?
to reveal one's feelings about somethingMy friend made her feelings known about her desire not to attend the dinner.
fighting chance
What does "fighting chance" mean?
a good possibility of success if you try hard I did not have a fighting chance to get my job application finished on time.

white elephant
What does "white elephant" mean?
a useless possession (that often costs money to maintain)The new airport is a white elephant and nobody wants to use it.
follow-up meeting
What does "follow-up meeting" mean?
a meeting where you discuss previous business We will have a follow-up meeting to discuss the new product.

by hook or by crook
What does "by hook or by crook" mean?
in any way necessaryMy sister wants to go to Italy this year by hook or by crook.
make (it/an event)
What does "make (it/an event)" mean?
attend an eventI was feeling sick so I was not able to make the monthly meeting of our club.


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