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Chow Idiom

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What does chow mean?
food."How's the chow in the university cafeteria?"
What does chow mean?
idiom. good-bye (from Italian). I'm off now, chow.
What does chow mean?
food; meal
What does chow mean?
food; meal; breakfast, lunch, or dinner

Some Random Idioms
close to (someone)
What does "close to (someone)" mean?
to be fond of someoneThe boy is very close to his grandfather.
have other/bigger fish to fry
What does "have other/bigger fish to fry" mean?
to have other more important things to do, to have other opportunities I have other fish to fry and I do not plan to spend any more time talking about my friend's problems.

under (someone`s) nose
What does "under (someone`s) nose" mean?
easily found by someone, right in front of someone I thought that I had lost my house keys but they were right under my nose.

line up (something with something)
What does "line up (something with something)" mean?
adjust two things correctlyThe carpenter lined up the two pieces of wood before he nailed them together.
out to lunch
What does "out to lunch " mean?
to be eating lunch away from one's workThe bank manager was out to lunch when I went to see him at the bank.
becoming on/to (someone)
What does "becoming on/to (someone)" mean?
to make someone look good The red dress looked very becoming on my girlfriend.

Take a dive
What does "Take a dive" mean?
To intentionally fail in competition, to throw a game.All good salesmen learn to take a dive when playing golf with customers.
Boxers (e.g. prize fighters) who have been bribed to throw a bout but wishing to make it look as if the opponent won legitimately would dive to the mat after being hit. This was to create the illusion of a legitimate knock out.
What does "boneyard" mean?
junkyard for vehicles. I found a fender for my car in the boneyard.
Don't count your chickens until (before) they hatch (they'vehatched).
What does "Don't count your chickens until (before) they hatch (they'vehatched)." mean?
Don't assume
that something will happen until it has happened.
A: I'm sure that I'm going to win a lot of money inLas Vegas."B: "Don't count your chickens until they hatch!"
high man on the totem pole
What does "high man on the totem pole" mean?
the top person of an organizationMy father is the high man on the totem pole in his company and has a very good job.
Will never fly
What does "Will never fly" mean?
If an idea or project, etc, will never fly, it has no chance of succeeding.
dare (someone) to do (something)
What does "dare (someone) to do (something)" mean?
to challenge someone to do something The little boy dared his friend to throw a rock at the window.


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