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Chow Down Idiom

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chow down
What does chow down mean?
eat."It's almost 6:00. Are you ready to chow down?"
chow down
What does chow down mean?
eat; consume food and drink

Some Random Idioms
Roll your eyes
What does "Roll your eyes" mean?
If you roll your eyes, you show with your eyes that you don't believe someone or aren't interested in what they're saying.
Worth your salt
What does "Worth your salt" mean?
Someone who is worth their salt deserves respect.
blind leading the blind
What does "blind leading the blind" mean?
someone who does not know how to do something himself or herself tries to explain it to another person It was like the blind leading the blind when I tried to help my friend fix his car. I do not know anything about cars.

leave (someone) flat
What does "leave (someone) flat" mean?
fail to entertain or stimulate someone, leave someone with no moneyMy friend's attempt at making a joke left everyone in the room flat.
What does "clit" mean?
make cracks (about someone or something)
What does "make cracks (about someone or something)" mean?
ridicule or make jokes about someone or somethingThe radio announcer made cracks about the famous athlete during the interview.
on the face of it
What does "on the face of it" mean?
on the surface of an issue or a problemOn the face of it, it is very easy to see who caused the problem with our schedules.
make (someone's) blood run cold
What does "make (someone's) blood run cold" mean?
to shock or horrify someone It made my blood run cold when I saw the little boy run into the road.


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