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Choke (something) Off Idiom

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choke (something) off
What does choke (something) off mean?
to force something to an end/stopThe government was able to choke off the flow of money to the criminal gang.

Some Random Idioms
scarcer than hen's teeth
What does "scarcer than hen's teeth" mean?
very scarce or nonexistent People who know about computers are scarcer than hen's teeth in our company.

Crow Idioms

in for (something)
What does "in for (something)" mean?
unable to avoid something, sure to get somethingHe is in for a lot of trouble now that he is unable to finish his graduation essay.
rise to the bait
What does "rise to the bait" mean?
to be attracted by some kind of bait (just as a fish is attracted to bait)The politician did not rise to the bait and argue with the news reporter.
about to (do something)
What does "about to (do something)" mean?
to be on the point of doing somethingShe was about to leave when the phone rang.
tee off
What does "tee off" mean?
upset or angery somebody
burn (something) to a crisp
What does "burn (something) to a crisp" mean?
to burn something very badly I burned the eggs to a crisp while I was talking on the telephone.

come to
What does "come to" mean?
to regain consciousness The woman came to a few hours after the accident.

What does "noodge" mean?
a nag; a critical, irritating person
footloose and fancy-free
What does "footloose and fancy-free" mean?
to be without responsibilities or commitmentsThe couple were footloose and fancy-free and they could do whatever they wanted.
Uncle Sam
What does "Uncle Sam" mean?
Uncle Sam is the government of the USA.
so much
What does "so much" mean?
a large quantity of somethingThere was so much rain in the spring that our garden did not grow well.


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