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Chicken (adjective Or Noun) Idiom

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chicken (adjective or noun)
What does chicken (adjective or noun) mean?
(adjective or noun): cowardly."Fred will never ask Lucy for a date. He'schicken / a chicken.

Some Random Idioms
throw good money after bad
What does "throw good money after bad" mean?
to waste additional money after wasting money before on the same thingWe were throwing good money after bad when we continued to pay money to repair our old car.
What does "vibes" mean?
atmosphere; feelings; sense of what's what (short for "vibrations")
lose one's cool
What does "lose one's cool" mean?
lose one's temperThe saleswoman lost her cool during a meeting with the chief supplier.
What does "clip" mean?
short video or audio segment
Stem the tide
What does "Stem the tide" mean?
If people try to stem the tide, they are trying to stop something unpleasant from getting worse, usually when they don't succeed.
by far
What does "by far" mean?
greatly, by a great marginHe is by far the smartest person in his company.
go back to the drawing board
What does "go back to the drawing board" mean?
to go back and start something from the beginningThe negotiations failed so we had to go back to the drawing board and start over.
hit (someone) like a ton of bricks
What does "hit (someone) like a ton of bricks" mean?
surprise or shock someoneWhen the small school went out of business it hit everyone like a ton of bricks.
Grey suits
What does "Grey suits" mean?
The men in grey suits are people who have a lot of power in business or politics, but aren't well-known or charismatic.
What does "skills" mean?
ability; capacity; talent; gifts. You know you brought me in 'cause I got the skills.


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