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Cheer (someone) Up Idiom

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cheer (someone) up
What does cheer (someone) up mean?
to make a sad person happyWe took our friend to a nice restaurant to cheer her up.

Some Random Idioms
fall down on the job
What does "fall down on the job" mean?
to fail to do something properlyThe man fell down on the job so they replaced him with another worker.
nine-day wonder
What does "nine-day wonder" mean?
someone or something who briefly attracts a lot of attentionThe man was a nine-day wonder but he was soon forgotten by most people at his former company.
as blind as a bat
What does "as blind as a bat" mean?
blind, unable to see The man is as blind as a bat and he cannot see anything.

look down one`s nose at (someone)
What does "look down one`s nose at (someone)" mean?
to look at someone with contempt or dislike, to feel that you are better than someone else The girl often looks down her nose at people who she does not like.


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