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Cheer (someone) On Idiom

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cheer (someone) on
What does cheer (someone) on mean?
to encourage someone who is trying to do somethingEverybody came to the stadium to cheer on the home team.

Some Random Idioms
look over (something)
What does "look over (something)" mean?
inspect/survey/examine something"Please take some time to look over these documents before you sign them."
What does "ice" mean?
What does "absent-minded" mean?
to be forgetfulOur neighbor is very absent-minded and he often forgets his keys.
flesh (something) out
What does "flesh (something) out" mean?
to make something more detailed or biggerWe worked hard during the weekend to flesh out our agreement.
crop up
What does "crop up" mean?
to appear or happen unexpectedly I will meet my friend early next week unless something crops up that keeps me busy.

What does "knuckle-dragger" mean?
strong, dumb male
as sound as a dollar
What does "as sound as a dollar" mean?
very secure and dependableThe company president believes that his business is as sound as a dollar.
line up (someone with someone)
What does "line up (someone with someone)" mean?
supply a person with a date/companionWe tried to line up my friend's sister with our friend but it was not a successful match.
save up (for something)
What does "save up (for something)" mean?
to save money in order to buy somethingI am saving up for a new television set.
keep late hours
What does "keep late hours" mean?
stay up or stay out until very lateMy friend keeps late hours now that he is working for the newspaper.
goof off
What does "goof off" mean?
waste timeMy sister spent most of the week goofing off and was not prepared for her test.
carry on
What does " carry on" mean?
to continue, to keep doing something as beforeWe were permitted to carry on with the party after we talked to the apartment manager.


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