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Change One`s Tune Idiom

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change one`s tune
What does change one`s tune mean?
to make a change in one`s story/statement/opinion/policyOur supervisor has changed his tune recently and agrees that we need to do things differently.

Some Random Idioms
Beat someone to the draw
What does "Beat someone to the draw" mean?
If you beat someone to the draw, you do something before they do.
over and above (something)
What does "over and above (something)" mean?
in addition to somethingOver and above my salary I also get an allowance for transportation from my company.
get rolling
What does "get rolling" mean?
to get started "Let's get rolling and try and finish this project today."

mickey mouse
What does "mickey mouse" mean?
nonsense; rubbish; foolish talk or ideas
fizzle out
What does "fizzle out" mean?
to fail after a good start, to end in failureThe party began to fizzle out at midnight when many people went home.
side against (someone)
What does "side against (someone)" mean?
to take sides against someoneMy friend always sides against me when I am involved in an argument with someone.
get out from under (someone or something)
What does "get out from under (someone or something)" mean?
to escape from a situation that one does not like I would like to get out from under my boss who is always watching my work.

with one/both hand(s) tied behind one's back
What does "with one/both hand(s) tied behind one's back" mean?
easilyI can look after the computer system with both hands tied behind my back.
What does "treadhead" mean?
tank driver or crewman; soldier whose specialty is armor
My foot!
What does "My foot!" mean?
I do not believe it (said after someone says something that you do not believe and you repeat the statement with the expression "My foot!")"My foot!" the man exclaimed when he learned that he would not be able to attend the meeting.


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