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Chance Upon (someone Or Something) Idiom

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chance upon (someone or something)
What does chance upon (someone or something) mean?
to find someone or something by chanceI chanced upon a very interesting book during my research.

Some Random Idioms
Davey Jones' locker
What does "Davey Jones' locker" mean?
Davey Jones' locker is the bottom of the sea or resting place of drowned sailors.('Davy Jones' locker' is an alternative spelling.)
take one`s hat off to (someone)
What does "take one`s hat off to (someone)" mean?
to admire/respect/praise someoneYou have to take your hat off to my neighbor. He started a small business and now it is very successful.
feel free to do (something)
What does "feel free to do (something)" mean?
to feel like you are permitted to do something Everybody felt free to walk around the restaurant after the party began.

make a meal of (something)
What does "make a meal of (something)" mean?
eat one main dish/food as an entire mealWe were able to make a meal of the chicken that my mother gave us last night.
What does "friendlies" mean?
allies, whether civilian or military
sport of kings
What does "sport of kings" mean?
horse racing horse racingHorse racing has been the sport of kings for many years.
to the best of one's knowledge
What does "to the best of one's knowledge" mean?
as far as one knows, from one's knowledgeTo the best of my knowledge there have been no telephone calls for me today.
What does "flake" mean?
a silly, giddy person. She's a total flake, so don't count on her to remember.
dead center
What does "dead center" mean?
the exact middle I easily hit the target dead center.

lard ass
What does "lard ass" mean?
fat person, especially when the person has large buttocks
as mad as a hornet
What does "as mad as a hornet" mean?
very angry, in a fighting moodOur boss was as mad as a hornet when he came to work this morning.
ask (someone) out
What does "ask (someone) out" mean?
to ask a person for a dateMy friend finally asked out the woman at the bank.


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