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Chalk Up (something) Idiom

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chalk up (something)
What does chalk up (something) mean?
to record somethingThe stock prices of the company chalked up a big increase last week.

Some Random Idioms
bound hand and foot
What does "bound hand and foot" mean?
to have one's hands and feet tied up The bank manager was bound hand and foot by the three bank robbers.

give (someone) the ax
What does "give (someone) the ax" mean?
to fire an employeeWe gave the new employee the ax because he was always late for work.
mince (one's) words
What does "mince (one's) words" mean?
make one's statement weaker by choosing weak or polite wordsI tried not to mince my words when I went to ask my neighbor to keep quiet.
cut one
What does "cut one" mean?
fart; break wind
pay as you go
What does "pay as you go" mean?
to pay for things as they occur (rather than on credit)I will have to pay as I go if I go to graduate school next year.
get out of (somewhere)
What does "get out of (somewhere)" mean?
to leave somewhere, to escapeI want to hurry and get out of my house so I will not be late for work.
get cracking
What does "get cracking" mean?
hurry up; get a move on; get started
keep one's wits about one
What does "keep one's wits about one" mean?
to keep one's mind operating clearly in a time of stressFirefighters must always keep their wits about them when they are fighting a large fire.
slip away/off/out
What does "slip away/off/out" mean?
to go away or escape quietly or in secretI slipped away after my class and got something to eat.


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