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Chalk (something) Up To (something) Idiom

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chalk (something) up to (something)
What does chalk (something) up to (something) mean?
to recognize something as the cause of something elseWe were able to chalk our success up to our new boat.

Some Random Idioms
smell a rat
What does "smell a rat" mean?
to become suspiciousI do not know what my colleague is doing but something seems strange and I think that I smell a rat.
let one`s hair down
What does "let one`s hair down" mean?
to act freely and naturally, to relaxWe were able to let our hair down at the party and have a good time.
know one's ABCs
What does "know one's ABCs" mean?
know the most basic things about somethingThe woman in the bank knows her ABC's and can provide any information that we need.
a horse of a different color
What does "a horse of a different color" mean?
another matter entirely, something else, something different than the subject that is being discussed Changing locations is a horse of a different color and was never discussed in any of our meetings.

What does "TB" mean?
Tuberculosis TuberculosisFor various reasons the number of TB cases has been increasing around the world recently.
go overboard
What does "go overboard" mean?
to do something in excessThe man went overboard with the birthday party preparations.
What does "shades" mean?
sunglasses, especially dark sunglasses
eat out
What does "eat out" mean?
to eat a meal in a restaurant My aunt and uncle eat out often at nice restaurants.


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