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Caught In The Middle/cross Fire Idiom

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caught in the middle/cross fire
What does caught in the middle/cross fire mean?
to be caught between two opposing people or groups so it is difficult to remain neutralI was caught in the middle when my friend and his girlfriend had a big fight.

Some Random Idioms
resign oneself to something
What does "resign oneself to something" mean?
to accept something reluctantlyI have to resign myself to the fact that I will probably not get the job that I want.
Discretion is the better part of valour
What does "Discretion is the better part of valour" mean?
This idiom means that it is often better to think carefully and not act than to do something that may cause problems.
ruffle (someone's) feathers
What does "ruffle (someone's) feathers" mean?
to upset or annoy someone I am usually very careful not to ruffle my supervisor's feathers.

What does "first-run" mean?
new, shown for the first timeThere are many first-run movies that I have not seen yet.
inside out
What does "inside out" mean?
so that the inside is turned outsideShe turned her purse inside out in order to look for her lost key.
bring up
What does "bring up" mean?
to introduce a subject into a discussionThey brought up the subject at the meeting but nobody wanted to talk about it.
meet the requirements (for something)
What does "meet the requirements (for something)" mean?
fulfill the requirements (for something)The young woman was unable to meet the requirements to enter medical school.
What does "deadbeat" mean?
a person who never pays his debts There is a new government policy to penalize deadbeat fathers.

drum up (something) or drum (something) up
What does "drum up (something) or drum (something) up" mean?
to encourage something by making an effort The company was able to drum up a lot of business during the summer.

bad/rotten apple
What does "bad/rotten apple" mean?
a bad personThe boy is a bad apple and he is always in some kind of trouble.
get/have the blues
What does "get/have the blues" mean?
to become sad or depressedThe dull cloudy weather has caused me to get the blues.


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