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Catch Some Zs Idiom

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catch some Zs
What does catch some Zs mean?
sleep for a while; take a nap."You look tired, John. Why don't you catch someZs?"
catch some Z's
What does catch some Z's mean?
to get some sleep I needed to catch some Z's after working hard all weekend.

Some Random Idioms
receive (someone) with open arms
What does "receive (someone) with open arms" mean?
to greet someone eagerly The employees received their new boss with open arms.

Keep someone at arm's length
What does "Keep someone at arm's length" mean?
If you keep someone or something at arm's length, you keep a safe distance away from them.
lose one's marbles/mind
What does "lose one's marbles/mind" mean?
to go crazy, to go out of one's mindI think that the man next door is beginning to lose his marbles.
black sheep (of a family)
What does "black sheep (of a family)" mean?
a person who is a disgrace to a family or groupThe man is the black sheep in his family and has not made a success of his life.
cook (something) up or cook up (something)
What does "cook (something) up or cook up (something)" mean?
to cook something, to make some kind of plan I plan to cook up some fish tonight.
I do not know what my girlfriend is cooking up for the weekend but we will probably do something interesting.

down in the dumps
What does "down in the dumps" mean?
depressed; "blue."A: "Is something wrong?"B: "Not really, but I feel kind of down in the dumps."
roll out the red carpet
What does "roll out the red carpet" mean?
to welcome an important guest by putting a red carpet down for him or her to walk onThey rolled out the red carpet when the Queen came for a visit.
Throw someone a line
What does "Throw someone a line" mean?
If someone throws you a line, they give you help when you are in serious difficulties.
(no) skin off (someone`s) nose/teeth
What does "(no) skin off (someone`s) nose/teeth" mean?
to be of no interest/concern/trouble to someoneIt is no skin off my nose as to whether or not I go to the party.
what's up doc
What does "what's up doc" mean?
idiom. what is going on now


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