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Catch Some Z's Idiom

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catch some Z's
What does catch some Z's mean?
to get some sleepI needed to catch some Z's after working hard all weekend.
catch some Z's
What does catch some Z's mean?
sleep; take a nap

Some Random Idioms
keep one`s fingers crossed
What does "keep one`s fingers crossed" mean?
wish for good results in something one is doing"Please keep your fingers crossed that I will pass my exam."
draw blood
What does "draw blood" mean?
to make a wound that bleeds, to anger someone The politician was very careful not to draw blood during the debate.

Go down like a lead balloon
What does "Go down like a lead balloon" mean?
(UK) If something goes down like a lead balloon, it fails or is extremely badly received.
flip one`s lid
What does "flip one`s lid" mean?
to become very excited, to lose one`s temperMy father flipped his lid when I told him about the large telephone bill.
Honours are even
What does "Honours are even" mean?
If honours are even, then a competition has ended with neither side emerging as a winner.
break down
What does "break down" mean?
to lose control of one's emotions, to have a nervous collapse The woman broke down while the lawyer questioned her at the trial.

have dibs on (something)
What does "have dibs on (something)" mean?
demand a share of something, be in line to use somethingI have dibs on the computer and would like to use it as soon as possible.
jump at (something)
What does "jump at (something)" mean?
seize the opportunity to do somethingHe jumped at the chance to go to France on company business.
take (someone) hostage
What does "take (someone) hostage" mean?
to kidnap or seize someone to be a hostageThe bank robbers took several people hostage during the bank robbery.
a cut above (someone or something)
What does "a cut above (someone or something)" mean?
a little better than someone or something The new principal is a cut above the previous one.

in public
What does "in public" mean?
in a place/way where other people can seePeople are not allowed to smoke in public in many places.
know one's stuff
What does "know one's stuff" mean?
know about something wellThe man know's his stuff and is a very good plumber.


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