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Catch Sight Of (someone Or Something) Idiom

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catch sight of (someone or something)
What does catch sight of (someone or something) mean?
to see someone or something brieflyThe police caught sight of the robber and began to chase him.

Some Random Idioms
tip the scales at (something)
What does "tip the scales at (something)" mean?
to weigh a certain amountThe wrestler tipped the scales at over 200 kilograms.
go belly up
What does "go belly up" mean?
to go out of business because of financial problems The small computer company went belly up several months ago.

upshot of (something)
What does "upshot of (something)" mean?
result or outcome of somethingThe upshot of the meeting was that we would no longer continue to keep the store open.
What does "sleez" mean?
worthless item or object
no matter what happens
What does "no matter what happens" mean?
in any event, without regard to what happensNo matter what happens I plan to go swimming on Saturday.
Who wears the pants?
What does "Who wears the pants?" mean?
The person who wears the pants in a relationship is the dominant person who controls things.
strike out
What does "strike out" mean?
fail fail The criminal struck out in his attempt to change the punishment that he had received from the judge.
What does "deck" mean?
knock someone to the ground
in particular
What does "in particular" mean?
specifically, especiallyMy father likes almost all sports but in particular he loves basketball.


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