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Catch One`s Breath Idiom

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catch one`s breath
What does catch one`s breath mean?
to stop to rest and regain one`s normal breathingAfter running from the station it took a moment to catch my breath.

Some Random Idioms
John Wayne
What does "John Wayne" mean?
try to be a hero; be heroic; ham it up for the media
a let-down
What does "a let-down" mean?
a disappointment; something that's very disappointing. "It must've been quite a let-down not to bechosen for that job. I know you really hoped you would get it."
hold one's nose
What does "hold one's nose" mean?
to accept that you have to do something that you do not want to do I had to hold my nose and sign the legal contract which I did not want to sign.

What does "peep" mean?
vocalization; noise; sound
What does "nugget" mean?
pilot on his or her first tour of duty; new recruit or cadet in flight school
just what the doctor ordered
What does "just what the doctor ordered" mean?
something that is good for someone to have or to doThe holiday was just what the doctor ordered and the employee returned to work energetic and refreshed.
in the red
What does "in the red" mean?
unprofitable; showing a financial loss."We have to do something to increase profit anddecrease losses.We've been in the red for two months in a row."
low rent
What does "low rent" mean?
unappealing and low cost
In a tight spot
What does "In a tight spot" mean?
If you're in a tight spot, you're in a difficult situation.
step right up
What does "step right up" mean?
to move forward toward someone/somethingThe clerk told me to step right up when I was waiting to order some food.
wind up
What does "wind up" mean?
to end, to finish, to stopThe meeting wound up at midnight and we were able to go home.


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