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Catch One's Eye Idiom

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catch one's eye
What does catch one's eye mean?
attract one's attention/interest."This brochure about Tahiti caught my eye whenI was at the travel agency."

Some Random Idioms
Vale of tears
What does "Vale of tears" mean?
This vale of tears is the world and the suffering that life brings.
take (someone's) breath away
What does "take (someone's) breath away" mean?
to overwhelm someone with beauty or grandeur, to cause someone to be out of breath The beauty of the mountain lake took my breath away.

burst out laughing
What does "burst out laughing" mean?
to begin to laugh suddenlyWe burst out laughing when the man screamed after seeing the mouse.
trick (someone) into (doing something)
What does "trick (someone) into (doing something)" mean?
to fool someone, to cheat someoneThe salesman tricked the customer into buying something that he did not need.
a milestone in someone's life
What does "a milestone in someone's life" mean?
a very important event or point in one's lifeThe high school graduation ceremony was a milestone in the young woman's life.
worm one's way out of something
What does "worm one's way out of something" mean?
wiggle out of a problem or a responsibilityI was able to worm my way out of working on my friend's house repairs.
a cat has nine lives
What does "a cat has nine lives " mean?
cats can survive accidents that would kill most animals The boy never becomes injured. He is like a cat with nine lives.

(do something) by the book
What does "(do something) by the book" mean?
follow all the rules when you do somethingOur lawyer is very good and he does everything by the book.
Dutch uncle
What does "Dutch uncle" mean?
someone who gives you advice like a parent or relative wouldMy friend is like a Dutch uncle and he is always giving me advice about how I should act.
rule the roost
What does "rule the roost" mean?
to be the boss or manager somewhere - often at home (a roost is a place where birds can perch or sit) My grandfather ruled the roost in his family.

What does "Gramps" mean?
Grand-fatherHey Gramps, "Will you take me fishing today?"
Grand-father is often shortened to Gran'pa or simply Gramps.
Take care not to refer to an older male in this fashion unless you have a relationship that permits this type of slang to be used or you might end up offending the older person.
put (someone) on the spot
What does "put (someone) on the spot" mean?
to ask someone embarrassing questionsThe teacher put me on the spot with her questions during the class.


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