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Catch (someone) Napping Idiom

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catch (someone) napping
What does catch (someone) napping mean?
to find someone asleep, to find someone unprepared for somethingThe boss caught the employee napping and became very angry.

Some Random Idioms
not miss much
What does "not miss much" mean?
to not miss observing any part of what is going onOur teacher does not miss much and we must be very careful how we behave in her class.
gee whiz
What does "gee whiz" mean?
used as an exclamation to show surprise or other strong feelings "Gee whiz! Are we really going to go to the circus next week?"

Blowing smoke
What does "Blowing smoke" mean?
To be boasting without being able to back it up, talking about action without intent to follow through.Do you really want to buy this car or are you just blowing smoke?
Magicians often use smoke in their performance to obscure your view and conceal a bit of trickery.
A person who is "blowing smoke" is tricking you and attempting to cover it up.
put (something) into words
What does "put (something) into words" mean?
to find a way to express a feeling with wordsIt was difficult to put my sadness at my aunt's death into words.
inside and out
What does "inside and out" mean?
in every part, completelyWe checked the room inside and out for my lost wallet.
with all one's heart and soul
What does "with all one's heart and soul" mean?
very sincerelyWith all his heart and soul, the young man wished his friend good luck on his new adventure.
buyer's market
What does "buyer's market" mean?
a situation where there are more sellers than buyers of a product or service and the buyers have an advantage It was a buyer's market and the price of fruit was very cheap.

by Idioms

a road-hog
What does "a road-hog" mean?
a car driver who uses more than his share of the roadMy father became angry at the road-hog who was in front of our car.
after all
What does "after all" mean?
emphasizes something that should be considered "You don't need to phone him. After all, he never phones you."


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