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Catch (someone) In The Act Of (doing Something) Idiom

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catch (someone) in the act of (doing something)
What does catch (someone) in the act of (doing something) mean?
to catch someone doing something illegal or privateThe police caught the politician in the act of taking money from the business owner.

Some Random Idioms
keg party
What does "keg party" mean?
party or event at which beer is served from a keg (barrel-sized container of beer)
off the hook
What does "off the hook" mean?
to be out of trouble or free from an embarrassing situationI think that I am off the hook now and will not have to worry about the problem anymore.
carry a motion
What does "carry a motion" mean?
to support or win acceptance for a motion or proposal or idea in a meeting I was able to carry a motion at last night's meeting.

take up a collection
What does "take up a collection" mean?
to collect money for somethingWe plan to take up a collection for the wife of the dead manager.
see things
What does "see things" mean?
to imagine sights that are not real, to think that one sees something that is not thereHe is always daydreaming and imagining that he is seeing things.
taken for dead
What does "taken for dead" mean?
to be assumed to be deadThe men in the coal mine were taken for dead after there was no contact for several days.
Breathe down your neck
What does "Breathe down your neck" mean?
If someone follows you or examines what you're doing very closely, they are breathing down your neck.
take a dump
What does "take a dump" mean?
defacate; move one's bowls
shoot the works
What does "shoot the works" mean?
to spare no expense or effort to do somethingThey are planning to shoot the works with the victory celebration for the Olympic athletes.
watch (someone or something) like a hawk
What does "watch (someone or something) like a hawk" mean?
watch very carefullyThe mother always watches her daughter like a hawk when they go to the park.
top dog
What does "top dog" mean?
leader; head of a group; powerful person in an organization
What does "rough-and-ready" mean?
to be rough or crude but to be ready for somethingThe boat was rough-and-ready so we decided to take it for a ride.


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