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Cat Gets One`s Tongue Idiom

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cat gets one`s tongue
What does cat gets one`s tongue mean?
the inability to say somethingI think that the cat got our supervisor's tongue. She has not said anything since the meeting started.
cat gets one`s tongue
What does cat gets one`s tongue mean?
one cannot speak because of shynessThe cat got the woman's tongue and she could not say anything at all.

Some Random Idioms
a one-night stand
What does "a one-night stand" mean?
an activity lasting one nightThe band played many one-night stands in the small towns close to the city.
Zero tolerance
What does "Zero tolerance" mean?
If the police have a zero tolerance policy, they will not overlook any crime, no matter how small or trivial.
any port in a storm
What does "any port in a storm" mean?
when someone is faced with an emergency he or she will accept help from any source and in any place - even from someone who they do not likeThere was a bad storm so the ship went to the nearest port. It was any port in a storm.
subscribe to (something)
What does "subscribe to (something)" mean?
to have a standing order for a magazine or something similar, to give support or consent to somethingI subscribe to several magazines but I do not have time to read them.
in the groove
What does "in the groove" mean?
at one`s best, doing something very wellWe are finally in the groove and should be able to finish this job by early next week.
contradiction in terms
What does "contradiction in terms" mean?
a statement that seems to have a contradiction It was a contradiction in terms for the woman to pretend that she had no money while living in a mansion.

What does "ride" mean?
car; vehicle
take the starch out of (someone)
What does "take the starch out of (someone)" mean?
to make someone less arrogant, to make someone tired and weakThe criticism by the teacher took the starch out of the girl who thought that she was the best in the class.
It ain't over till the fat lady sings
What does "It ain't over till the fat lady sings" mean?
This idiom means that until something has officially finished, the result is uncertain.
What does "hoagie" mean?
sandwich made with Italian bread sliced lengthwise, filled with cold cuts, cheese, and vegetables


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